Washington Homeland Security Roundtable Presents Safety Award to Security Blanket

June 20, 2017

Rest Assured: This Invention Wraps Vital Survival Functions Into One Blanket

Did you know that 23.1 million people around the world are classified as refugees? We sure didn’t – at least not until 6th Grade Riley Hodson informed us at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo.

“Many of these people are forced from their home countries with nothing but the pillows on their backs,” Riley explains.

These displaced individuals, whether political refugees abroad or homeless citizens here in the United States, rarely have a means of keeping warm, much less a means of keeping valuables and documents dry.

After hearing about the increasingly common story of the refugee, and their lack of a mobile basic security and survival solution, Riley decided to do something about it.

Introducing the Security Blanket

Riley designed the Security Blanket to be a mobile, durable, and water-proof all-in-one solution to the most basic needs of refugees and displaced citizens and families. The Security Blanket is a water-proof blanket, 2-liter water bladder, and water-proof container, all easily rolled into a mobile backpack form. Riley’s all-in-one solution marks the first attempt to combine these security needs into a single, mobile, and low-cost solution.

What’s more – the security blanket can be produced for less than $10, making it an accessible solution to government and NGOs searching for a means of providing basic necessities to displaced citizens.

Riley concludes her pitch by emphasizing that “We have to remember that those that there are many that are not as fortunate as us, who have a place to live and call our home, and we have a responsibility to look out for the. By treating others with compassion and care, we will make the world a better place.”

Watch here as Riley demonstrates the Security Blanket, and describes the context leading to its creation.

Washington Homeland Security Roundtable Awards Security Blanket Safety Award

For her innovation, compassion, and creativity, The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable, a DC-based nonprofit consisting of the major contractors in the Homeland Security arena, awarded Riley the Government and Public Safety Award at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo. Each year, the Government and Public Safety award is presented to the inventor with the most innovative invention designed to increase the safety of its users and/or beneficiaries to improve, expand, or otherwise augment the efforts of our government and public safety professionals. We at STEMIE thank all of our nation’s firefighter, police, medical, military and other public professionals for their service. For more information on The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable and its commitment to STEM Education and the community it serves, please visit www.whsroundtable.org.


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