UTC Awards NICEE 2018’s Top Award to EES Susteri

June 20, 2018

Think Sustainable Wind Energy is a Breeze? Think Again.

Wind energy systems are thriving around the world, but they have limitations that limit their usefulness in some areas. Despite popular misconception about their popularity, currently, in the United States, wind energy accounts for less than 5% of the power generated, as current horizontal access turbines require relatively substantial winds (5-10 m/s, minimum), narrowing their application.

Introducing The EES Sustineri

Arya Bairat, a 10th grader from Milford Connecticut, looked at this problem and said “not today.” After extensive research, he invented EES Sustineri – a low-cost system that stands on three legs:

• Inexpensive 3-D printed wind turbine technology
• Piezoelectricity (converting mechanical stress into an electrical charge)
• Solar power generation

These three different power generation mechanisms are combined into a single device to provide a reliable source of electrical power which can work without the minimum requirements of today’s large-scale wind turbine systems, and which can additionally be used in areas outside of the traditional electrical grid.

To support this non-traditional, off-grid usage, Arya researched and found two low cost materials – titanium dioxide and chitosan – to create a paint-on supercapacitor to store energy when demand is less than supply, so the EES Sustineri can provide power even when the sun is down, and wind is low.

United Technologies Presents NICEE 2018’s Top Prize

The Most Sustainable Award, NICEE 2018’s top award selected by its presenting sponsor, United Technologies Corporation, recognizes the invention that has the greatest ability improve the world around us. Each year, the Most Sustainable award is presented to an inventor whose invention improves not just our actions within the world, but gives back to the very earth itself. This year, United Technologies, founding sponsor of STEMIE and presenting sponsor of NICEE 2018, proudly presents this award to Arya Bairat for the EEE Sustineri.

Otis Elevator’s president Judy Marks, who presented the award to Arya, said that sustainability is “what’s good for our planet and what is also good for our people, our community and our customers. It’s our corporate responsibility to ensure our factories are sustainable and that our products are efficient so that we reduce help the amount of greenhouse gases produced and ultimately reduce the impact of climate change.”

For more information on United Technologies Corporation or OTIS Elevators, please visit www.utc.com.


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