United Technologies awards Environmental Award for Ocean Pollution Solution

June 6, 2017

Cleaning the World’s Oceans with The Ocean Pollution Solution

Looking out at the endless expanse of the oceans, one might be tempted to think that they’re both inexorable and indestructible.

The reality, unfortunately, is that the world’s oceans are delicate and fragile.

Pollution – from both industry and littering – not only directly harms the sea-creatures that call the ocean “home”; it also changes the very chemical makeup of sea-water, making it more volatile and less habitable.

Just ask Anna Blanchette, a fourth grader from Horne Street School in Dover, New Hampshire, who documents that thirteen million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year — for context, that’s heavier than 40,000 747 Boeing jets.

The increasing pollution of our world’s delicate oceans is an ecological tragedy. Fish, turtles, and other sea creatures become tangled in plastic waste, and some areas of our oceans are so polluted with plastic that they have become ecological “Dead Zones.”

So Anna Blanchette decided to do something about it.

The Ocean Pollution Solution

Anna Blanchette’s Ocean Pollution Solution addresses the challenges of plastic pollution in oceans through the use of dissolvable plastic bags and dissolvable soda rings that she invented. Anna’s plastic bags and rings are made of Solvy water dissolvable stabilizer and Elmer’s glue, and quickly dissolve in water. This means that if her bags should end up in the oceans, they will quickly dissolve and drastically reduce the impact on sea life. Just check out her pitch video below!

Ocean Pollution Solution

The United Technologies Green and Environmental Award

United Technologies’s Green and Environmental Award, presented to the inventor whose invention most effectively promotes the environmental well-being of earth and ecological stewardship.

United Technologies is an avid and continued supporter of youth invention and has been a decades’ long sponsor of the Connecticut Invention Convention in its home state, and a founding sponsor of The STEMIE Coalition. More on United Technologies commitment to sustainability and good works in the community can be found at www.utc.com/How-We-Work/Pages/Sustainability.aspx.


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