The Toiletizer 2.0 is Flushing Unhygienic Bathrooms Down the Toilet

July 25, 2018

Okay, so it’s a little awkward to talk about – we get it. But it’s a big problem. We’re talking about proper sanitation of people’s hands after they use the restroom.  In some places, it’s just a matter of people forgetting to wash their hands. In others, it’s a matter of insufficient infrastructure leaving bathroom-users insufficient means of doing so.  Either way, unsanitary bathrooms aren’t just icky; they can contribute to illness, both for the person who doesn’t wash their hands and for others who come in contact with them. In fact, lack of proper handwashing facilities or usage can lead to endemic illnesses; in extreme cases, it can even be a matter of life or death. So why can’t we inextricably integrate hand-sanitation as a part of bathroom infrastructure and etiquette?

Cue the Toiletizer 2.0

That’s what Claire Rhodes, a 4thgrader from Powell Ohio, thought when she saw the problem of unsanitary bathrooms. And like all great innovators, where Claire saw a problem, she saw an opportunity. Claire Rhodes had the ingenious idea to integrate a dispenser for soap or hand sanitizer right into the handle or flushing mechanism of a toilet.  Her invention makes it almost impossible to NOT adequately clean one’s hands after a visit to the restroom.

Claire’s invention is called the Toiletizer 2 – it’s the second iteration of this idea that she’s created. The current version utilizes a motion-activation sensor, which senses a hand beneath the flush handle and automatically dispenses either soap or hand sanitizer into the user’s hands.  Nothing to remember, no additional steps – just flush and be ready to clean.  Claire designed this for home usage; but has a vision of it being installed in schools, hospitals and other public locations where hand washing is a priority.

Here’s Claire talking about her invention on her local NBC affiliate.

Koch Industries Presents the Most Visionary Award

The Most Visionary award, designed and presented by Koch Industries, is awarded to the inventor and invention who have best exemplified what it means to dream big.  STEMIE was honored to have Koch Industries present the Most Visionary award this year at NICEE 2018. This year’s winner, Claire Rhodes was chosen particularly for her ability not only to imagine; but to harness that imagination and turn it into reality.

To learn more about Koch Industries and its dedication to empowering K-12 dreamers, thinkers, and doers, visit


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