Success Stories

Success Stories

Success stories associated with our affiliate invention and entrepreneurship education programs are astounding and frequent.  While the core success of The STEMIE Coalition are the massive numbers of K-12 students who are trained in invention and entrepreneurship skills that they will use the rest of their lives, each year a number of kids distinguish themselves.  Here are their stories!


Lucca Riccio – The top honors at the 2016 National Invention Convention and Entrepreurship Expo went to Lucca Riccio, an 8th grader who invented the Message Mask (now called Tube Talker™, a Bluetooth-enabled microphone adapter which connects in-line to the tube of a full face oxygen mask ― paired with an Amazon Echo-type speaker for voice amplification, two-way communication, and apps access. It not only allows patients under an oxygen mask to communicate with their loved ones and medical staff, but also they can talk to the artificial intelligence unit to do everything from playing an audiobook to calling anyone in the world.  Lucca has filed his patents and is working through prototyping towards commercialization at this time. Read more here.

Maddox Prichardmaddox – 4th grader Maddox Prichard of Gallatin, TN loves his gardening and outdoor work, but frequently found himself using two tools — a shovel and a measuring tape – when he thought one might do. The result: The Measuring Shovel. With both longitudinal and lateral measuring markers, it’s an easy and quick way to measure anything in the yard.  Maddox has filed for his patent protection and is working to license his product into the market now. Read more here.

Isaiah Nagrantuntitled – 4th Grader Isaiah Nagrant had the problem where he would constantly cut his fingertips while doing crafting projects, and the bandaids he wore would not work with the capacitive touchscreen displays of his smartphone.  So he invented the “Touch-Aid” bandaid that is capacitive.  Problem solved!  Isaiah is working to get his product to market. Watch more here.



Mallory KievmanMallory Headshot – A lollipop that treats the hiccups! How cool is that!  Mallory translated her invention education experience into a real world solution one summer when she had the hiccups constantly. She researched the web, hit the stove, tried batch after batch, and found a solution that worked. Turns out hundreds of thousands of chemotherapy patients have the same problem. Now, she’s got a factory kicking out her pops in volume for Chemotherapy patients worldwide (, and Disney is running a 90-second promotion about her: Disney Channel/Make Your Mark!

Lilianna Zyszkowskililianna – Lilianna is a serial inventor recently lauded by the Smithsonian with a Youth Ingenuity Award. We love her dolphin goggles idea! Lilianna Zyszkowski, of Norfolk, CT, always is working on lots of projects, but her main project, the PillMinder, was created with a grandparent in mind. It uses capacitive touch sensors, LED lights and a networked microcontroller to remind people to take their medications on schedule. The device also alerts caregivers via Twitter and SMS whether the proper pills have been taken on time. She is a Next Step Inventor with the Connecticut Invention Convention, and is also working with a Silicon Valley firm to bring the PillMinder technology to market. Read more here.

Olivia Halliseyolivia – Think Global, Act Global!  Invention Convention graduate Olivia won the Intel Science and Engineering Fair and Google Fair with her Ebola rapid test system invention. She set out to make a difference, and invented one of the most amazing medical test products in recent history. Hear her story here! (Image credit: Anna Kuchment)


Kylie Simonds – An 11-year old cancer survivor – she’s invented a portable IV backpack so she can play while she gets her cancer treatments!  She’s raised almost $60,000 on Go Fund Me to put two of her IV Backpacks into each pediatric cancer ward in the U.S.




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