Stanley Black & Decker Awards Locker Hammock Most Innovative Award

June 7, 2017

Messy Locker? Relax With the Locker Hammock!

You think K-12 students’ rooms are messy? You should see their lockers! Or, so suggests 8th grade inventor Katie Barry, who struggled with a constantly cluttered locker. Her problem? The varying size of lockers, expense of locker shelves, and general disorder of the standard grade student — all made for a maelstrom of paper, books, and school supplies.

Katie asked around to see if this problem was shared by her peers and – no surprise here – it was. As it turns out, school lockers come in a range of sizes – meaning that students often have to purchase new locker shelves when they advance to the next grade. And even if you find one with the perfect fit, locker shelves aren’t cheap, either – Katie’s research suggested they can range up to $20, making them a significant purchase for some families to make on a yearly basis.  And they generally are not very sturdy either, she says.

Seeing that her problem wasn’t just her own, Katie sought to tackle an expansive problem with a simple solution.

Introducing The Locker Hammock

Flexibility. No, literally. That’s the name of the game with Katie’s Locker Hammock! By using a pliant, cloth bottom, supported by suction cups on each side, Katie’s Locker Hammock enables students to easily stack their papers, books, and supplies in an organized fashion, irrespective of the size of the locker. What’s more, since the materials only cost $2.35, the solution is within financial means of much more of her peers.

Katie’s inventiveness, frugality, and creativity earned her Stanley Black and Decker’s coveted Most Innovative award, presented to the student inventor whose invention represents the most outstanding line of thinking and invention — creatively adapting existing technologies or creating new ones. Emanuel Moshouris – a mechanical engineer at Stanley Black & Decker – outlined the importance of innovation during his speech at NICEE, shortly before awarding Katie the Most Innovative award. Stanley Black & Decker has been a supporter of youth invention for decades, notably, as a core supporter of the Connecticut Invention Convention and a founding sponsor of The STEMIE Coalition. More on Stanley Black & Decker in the community can be found at:


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