Stanley Black and Decker Awards Most Innovative Award at NICEE

June 20, 2018

No Wires? No Problem: Nation’s Most Innovative 4th Grader Wins Prestigious Stanley Black & Decker Award for Wireless Transmitter

Although energy lines hanging from telephone poles are a broadly-accepted staple to electrical grids, wired energy is no walk in the park. For one, wires are susceptible to damage – just ask your school district’s superintendent on a snowy day. For another, it’s expensive, and damage to just one area of the line can corrupt the circuit. So, what if you could transmit electrical energy wirelessly from one location to another?

Introducing the Wireless Energy Transmitter

That’s what Quinn Holt, a 4th grader from Coeur d’Alene Idaho, thought of doing. He invented the Wireless Energy Transmitter to solve exactly this problem. Drawing his inspiration from one of the fathers of electricity itself – Nikola Tesla – he created a remote energy cube that removes the expensive (and environmentally suspect) copper wires from the equation.

Quinn’s invention uses a tesla coil to provide a remote, high voltage, low amperage safe source of electricity which excites and lights fluorescent lighting inside the Wireless Energy Transmitter. This light will in turn power a solar panel, the output of which is stepped up using a transformer to a standard 110 volt A/C electrical supply.

Quinn sees his invention as a source of power for remote locations and even as a solution for reducing the cost of housing builds as expensive (to purchase and to install) wiring can be skipped during construction.

Stanley Black & Decker Presents the Most Innovative Award

The Most Innovative award, presented at NICEE the past three years by Stanley Black & Decker, is awarded to the inventor and invention who have best exemplified true, unfettered innovation. The STEMIE Coalition is proud to have Stanley Black & Decker, who just this year celebrated 175 years of global innovation, select and present the Most Innovative award, which they awarded this year to Quinn for his Wireless Energy Transmitter.

Stanley Black & Decker is also the presenting sponsor of the National Invention Curriculum, available at

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