Maxim Integrated Presents Best Logbook Award to Six Inventors!

June 26, 2017

Take Note! Six Inventors, Six Best Logbook Awards

With competition fiercer than ever, judges at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo announced an unprecedented six-way-tie in Best Logbook competitors. The result? Six winners!  Kai Hatten (Grade 6), Blake Oeck (Grade 4), Katie Barry (Grade 8), Vishali Sutharsan (Grade 6), Aja Weary (Grade 12), and Corrine Pixton (Grade 5) gave such tantamount competition, that judges unanimously chose to award all six. See below as each young inventor pitches his or her invention!

Kai Hatten – Ice Bot

Blake Oeck – Germinator

Katie Barry – Locker Hammock (Katie’s video has been removed to protect intellectual property)

Aja Weary – Head-Safe Headphones

Corrine Pixton – Noxilus

Vishali Sutharsan – Banana Peel Mush Battery (Vishali’s video has been removed to protect intellectual property)

Maxim Integrated, an internationally recognized technology company specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of semiconductors, awarded all six inventors with the Best Logbook Award, presented annually to the inventor(s) with the most comprehensive, creative, and meticulous logbook which documents their ideas, inventions, and process. More on Maxim Integrated’s commitment to education and community support can be found here:


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