Making a Splash with The Hydraptor

June 13, 2018

How Three 10th Graders Invented a Hydrant Technology Recognized by Maxim Integrated for Outstanding Engineering

There are times when attaching a hose to a spigot – or hydrant – is a matter of convenience; for example, when you’re about to wash your car. But there are also times – like when there’s a fire – when it’s a matter of life or death. Either way, it’s never as easy as it should be – especially over time when dirt or sediment or rust make it difficult to screw the hose onto the spigot. That got us to thinking: why hasn’t anyone done anything about that?

Introducing the Hydraptor

Noah Bruckner, Rishab Rao and Alexandra Holdmeyer, 10th graders from Marietta, Georgia, thought exactly that question when they first identified the issues with today’s hoses and spigots after a teacher at their school experienced a house fire. The local firefighters had issues getting their hoses attached to the neighborhood hydrant and the lost time caused the house to burn far more than it would have otherwise.

So, these inventors came up with the Hydraptor, a leave-on adapter which connects to your hose, and uses a spring-loaded design to allow tight, secure connections with a single turn and pull motion of the hose connector. They have invented two versions to date: a 3-D printed light-duty version for household use on garden hoses and a brass version for fire hoses.

Beyond those use cases, the inventors see usage for the tanker industry (to reduce leaks and waste) and even in industrial/factory applications.

Maxim Industries Presents the Best Engineering Award

Each year, The Best Engineering award is awarded to the inventor and invention best exemplifying true engineering excellence. This year, The STEMIE Coalition was proud to have its partner, Maxim Integrated, select and present this award to Noah, Rishab and Alexandra for their excellent engineering élan.
Maxim Integrated also hosted the California Invention Convention, which sent several award-winning students to NICEE 2018. More on Maxim Integrated, and the good works it does in the community, can be found at


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