Macy’s Awards Consumer Goods Award to ChemotheraPop

June 13, 2017

Providing Vitamins, Protein, and Soothing Comfort to Chemotherapy Patients

Those who’ve experienced a loved one go through chemotherapy treatments know how much even the smallest comforts can help bring relief to a terrible experience – it’s something Sophie Broderick, grade 4, knows all too well.

Sophie, who saw first-hand the effects of chemotherapy when her grandmother went through the treatment, observed that all her grandmother ever wanted “was a fudgesicle” to relieve discomfort.

Observing this, alongside the side effects of chemotherapy, Sophie decided there had to be a way to leverage the soothing effects of a frozen treat with the vitamins, protein, and supplements needed to help stave off chemotherapy’s worst side effects.

So Sophie got to work. Researching the side effects and health implications of chemotherapy – including vitamin deficiencies and weight loss – Sophie combined a variety of ingredients to create a “nutritious and soothing” treat to help chemotherapy patients enjoy some much-deserved relief.

Introducing The ChemotheraPop

Sophie’s ChemotheraPop comes in three flavors, including Raspberry Honey, Peanut-Butter Banana, and Maple Oatmeal. Just see as Sophie describes the process of inventing her soothing treat, and as she compares it to the nutritional value of a fudgesicle (spoiler alert: ChemotheraPops seem much healthier!).

For her inventiveness and creativity, Macy’s, an internationally recognized brand in consumer goods, awarded Sophie the Consumer Goods award at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in Washington, DC. Each year, the Consumer Goods and Fashion award is presented to the student inventor with the most innovative invention related to fashion and/or consumer goods. For more on Macy’s and its good works in the community, please visit:


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