Lemelson Foundation Presents Community Benefit Award

June 21, 2017

This Self-Disinfecting Suit Haz-Material Benefit for Healthcare Workers

Have you ever wondered how doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals keep from catching infectious diseases from patients? We sure have. And the reality is that, despite numerous and meticulous safety practices set in place, medical professionals do in fact become infected by patients for whom they’re caring.

“The most recent and tragic example of this is the Ebola epidemic from 2014 to 2015.” That’s Mark Leschinsky, a fifth grader from New Jersey.

After hearing about Dr. Kent Brantly, the first American doctor infected with the Ebola virus, and that 900 medical professionals were infected with Ebola despite wearing traditional Hazmat suits, Mark decided that someone had to do something to increase the safety of medical professionals relentlessly exposing themselves to infection.

So that’s exactly what he did.

Introducing the Self-Disinfecting Hazmat Suit

Mark’s new Hazmat design has three different layers: an inside layer that is airtight, a middle layer consisting of pockets filled with a disinfecting solution, and an outside layer that is perforated so as to allow the disinfecting solution to slowly release, killing any viruses that come in contact with the suit.

Watch here as Mark describes the context to the Self-Disinfecting Hazmat Suit, and the ideation and refinement process he with through in its creation!

Lemelson Foundation Presents Community Benefit Award

For his ingenuity, inventive spirit, and compassion for others, the Lemelson Foundation, a national organization dedicated to using the power of invention to improve lives, presented Mark with the Community and Societal Betterment Award. Each year, this award is presented to the inventor whose invention most earnestly and effectively improves the lives of their community and society at large. To learn more about the Lemelson Foundation and its commitment to Invention and Invention Education, visit www.lemelson.org.


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