LearnToProgram.tv Presents Best App Award to Food Allergy Alerter

August 4, 2017

An Awesome Allergy App Seeks To Curb Emergency Room Visits By Those With Food Allergies!

If you have a hard time determining if that item on the menu contains anything you are allergic to, we can say, “There’s an app for that!” The Food Allergy Alerter, invented by Manav Parikh, a seventh grader at The Foote School in Wallingford, CT, is the winner of the 2018 NICEE Best App Award – presented by sponsor Learntoprogram.tv, a global platform for teaching anyone how to program, to the most promising software invention.

People with allergies have a difficult time ordering food at restaurants because the menus do not list all of the ingredients in each dish. “Most restaurants do not list the food allergies in each dish,” says Manav in his invention pitch video. “Approximately 15 million people have food-based allergies in America, and there have been over 300,000 urgent care visits per year for kids under the age of 18 eating at restaurants.”

This problem is compounded when people have unusual or combination allergies, Manav says. Waiters cannot be expected to know all of the allergens in each dish given that there are over 80 known allergens.

That’s where the Food Allergy Alerter comes in. The Food Allergy Alerter is a wearable device with a QR code on it that is customized to a person’s allergies. The QR code is scanned by the restaurant or customer’s smart device which then interacts with the restaurant’s menu which is stored electronically. Based on an individual’s allergies, the restaurant items that contain the allergens are filtered out of the menu, so the customer only sees on the tablet those menu items that are safe to eat.

People with allergies will be able to have the same enjoyable experience at restaurants as those without allergies.

“These are exactly the types of world-affecting apps we are hoping to encourage through our NICEE sponsorship,” says Mark Lassoff, CEO of Learntoprogram.tv. “The great thing about young inventors is that they have a very practical view of the world and create things to just simply solve the problems. In this case, a student extrapolated his allergies and problems in life to all the rest of us who have allergies, and solved a problem for us. That’s what inventing is all about!”

For his effort, Learntoprogram.tv is presenting Manav with a coding free bootcamp, sure to launch forward Manav’s coding career.

More on Learntoprogram.tv’s commitment s commitment to coding education and community support can be found here: http://www.learntoprogram.tv.


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