Independent Inventor Program

Are you a K-12 Inventor or Entrepreneur with a project, prototype, or product?

The Independent Inventor Program (IIP) was designed to allow students from across the globe to learn how to solve real-world problems though the invention process.  

Through the IIP students:

  • Work through the invention process
  • Find a problem
  • Identify viable solutions
  • Build their best solution into a prototype
  • Take their inventions to the next level thinking like an entrepreneur

Who is eligible to participate in the Independent Inventor Program?

Schools, student programs, classrooms, individual students and teams (of up to 4), grades K-12, without an Invention Convention program nearby are eligible to participate in The STEMIE Coalition’s Independent Inventor Program (IIP). Check to see if we have a program close to you.

What does is cost to participate?

There is no fee to participate in the Independent Inventor Program.  The STEMIE Coalition’s online K-12 Invention Convention Curriculum, presented by Stanley Black & Decker, is free.  The curriculum, including supporting materials, videos and Inventor Log, are open access and may be used, at no cost, without the express permission of The STEMIE Coalition so long as you are not selling or charging for the curriculum.

Getting started

The Independent Inventor Program (IIP) can be implemented with the assistance of a teacher or parent, or may be an independent, self-guided project for a student or team of students (4 per team max).

Grades K-8

To successfully complete the IIP, student:

  • Invention Logbook – Follow the steps outlined in the Invention Logbook, to find a problem, uncover solutions and in the end, build a prototype of your solution.  Use your Invention Logbook as your workbook to guide you through your invention experience.  Already have a journal or logbook? Review STEMIE’s Invention Logbook Policy to ensure your journal or logbook meets our requirements.
  • Create supporting documentation (including a trifold with images, diagrams, data collected, etc. to tell the story of your invention) as detailed in the Inventor Logbook.

Additional curriculum and resources are available here.

Grades 9-12

To successfully complete the IIP, student:


Additional curriculum and resources are available here.


Do you have questions or need help with the Independent Inventor Program? Write to:


Interested in the possibility of entering your invention in a national-level competition? Click here for additional details about applying to be a part of The STEMIE Coalition’s K-12 National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE).



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