How to Join

How To Join

Join us in our mission to elevate youth invention and entrepreneurship education across the U.S.

Our coalition partners range from universities to corporations to foundations to STEM programs to invention education initiatives to entrepreneurship programs to government interests to…well…lots of other efforts.

The STEMIE Coalition meets regularly, collaborates, shares best practices, works on combined programs, and otherwise advances the state of invention, entrepreneurship and innovation education.  Together:

  • We are launching an open-access K-12 Invention Convention Curriculum in 2018.
  • We are offering professional development and curricular training for teachers — as well as organizational support and training for invention and entrepreneurship program organizers — and bringing attention to other organizations’ resources as well.
  • We are aligning judging rubrics and processes across our competitions so they are more compatible with one another.
  • We are planning our third National Invention and Entrepreneurship Program Organizers Summit for Fall 2018 to collaborate in person to advance our programs and learn from one another.
  • We are sharing stock video and image libraries as well as media templates to create better fundraising documents and bring in more funds to expand programs.
  • We are bringing national recognition to local programs, empowering them in their discussions with sponsors, partners, volunteers, parents, students and local and state education organizations.

If you:_TKP9053

  • Run an invention convention or other invention education program,
  • Offer entrepreneurship programming, including business plan competitions, pitch competitions, prototype contests, and other entrepreneurship training efforts,
  • Perform outreach for engineering, invention, entrepreneurship, and/or innovation programming,
  • Build programs for underserved, girls, STEM, and other focused groups,
  • Are involved with economic development, startups, or workforce development,
  • Have any other involvement with STEM, entrepreneurship, invention and/or innovation,

with a focus on K-12, we want to hear from you!

Fill out this contact form to schedule some time with us, so we can learn about each other’s programs!

Find out more about The STEMIE Coalition:


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