Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education

There are dozens of national entrepreneurship education programs, and even more local programs that are teaching financial, business, and start-up literacy with wild success. The existence of such programs is something to be proud of, and is both a reflection and cornerstone of the United States’ entrepreneurial spirit. From Lemonade Day to Shark Tank , business plan competitions to idea pitch competitions, there are many different flavors of youth entrepreneurship training. And we think this diversity and depth in programming is truly incredible. Entrepreneurship is a broad and expansive topic, and is best instructed using flexible dynamic methods. Business plan competitions instill foresight and planning, pitch competitions inspire passion and enthusiasm, and Shark Tank competitions reward existing success and profitability. Together, these programs help nationally advance entrepreneurship and domestic economic development by instructing our youth with a variety of important skills. And while these programs work excellently independently, we believe the opportunity to work in compendium, towards a directed goal, offers the possibility of opening new and exciting opportunities for young entrepreneurs, inventors, problem-solvers, and innovators. OHIO-judging3

Every year, winners are announced from winners from various programs around the United States are celebrated within their programs. And we imagine a landscape in which entrepreneurship, invention, and innovation programs from all over the United States celebrate each others‘ winners as well as their own. In fact, we imagine a landscape in which these programs celebrate and actively contribute to each others’ ideologies, methodologies, missions, and visions. And while the tide is already high for entrepreneurship education, we believe that a rising tide can even further float all boats, and that together, we can open incredible possibilities not just for our Nation’s K-12 Inventors, but for the programs and people that support them. Join us.

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