City Jump-Start Program

City Jump-Start Program

The STEMIE Coalition’s mission is to educate ALL students in invention and entrepreneurship education – at some point in their K-12 careers. The City Jump-Start program is an entry-level invention education program designed for under served communities.

City Jump-Start programs are a great way to get invention education programs started in your community or to target specific non-adopting areas for whatever reason. The program:


  • Jump starts teachers who otherwise could not afford to try this new program
  • Jump starts kids on their path towards more creative problem-solving skills
  • Jump starts parental involvement in helping their kids with projects they can all understand (and supplying mentors from sponsors where parents are not around)
  • Jump starts sponsors, especially first time donors, in an effort that has tangible differential results, and great engagement for their employees as mentors to the students
  • Jump starts districts to get started on a program that is a no-brainer for theirteachers
  • Jump starts a state invention convention program by making sure the program launches the first time correctly, and spreads the word organically across the state

OHIO-inventor 3The proven results for invention education programs as well as other youth engagement efforts makes the City Jump-Start program a viable and preferred approach to expanding invention convention efforts across the U.S. Best practices from other youth education programs, that have rapidly spread across the U.S., advocate taking a city-by-city approach instead of a state-by-state approach. Primary research of programs such as FIRST Robotics indicates that approaching new states by tackling a city first yields faster adoption. By doing a city in a state first, one can have a more digestible project, that leads to success sooner. That success spreads to neighboring cities, and the program spreads from there. Programs that have attempted to do an entire state from the beginning became mired in state-level politics and discussions.

This city-based approach has been demonstrated in invention convention programs too in select states, and these examples serve to guide those of us who wish to launch invention conventions across the U.S.

To download a white paper describing case studies for how to launch a City-Wide Jump-Start Program with a two-year sponsorship by local sponsors, click here.


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