Cantor Colburn Presents Prestigious Patent Award to CANOPE

June 30, 2017

How One Eighth Grader is Patently Advancing Environmentalism

Countless students at NICEE 2017 proved their ability to shatter glass ceilings through their innovative, creative, and often unprecedented inventions. But what about glass…canopies?

Climate change has become an increasingly emphasized topic, as increasing scientific testimony corroborates the dangers of accumulating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. The phenomenon represents a real and growing challenge to the human species. Just ask Eight Grade Audrey Larson, who described the dangers of unchecked global warming at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo.

“Climate change is a major issue that affects every single person in our world,” Audrey explained, “yet, we aren’t doing much about one of the most deadly issues we face as humanity.”

Increasingly frustrated at what Audrey saw as a lack of action against one of mankind’s most growing threats, Audrey decided to do something about it.

Introducing the CANOPE (Carbon Abatement Naturally Over Paved Environments)

Audrey’s CANOPE involves the use of a vent of densely planted plants, to be placed over highways. As the solar-powered vent moves with the sun, the plants engage in photosynthesis, helping to filter out the CO2 emitted by cars. By Audrey’s calculations, CANOPE could filter out 78 million tons of CO2 per year if it covered every roadway.

Watch here as Audrey discusses the events leading to CANOPE’s creation, and the process of refinement and invention she went through on the path to a climate change solution.

Cantor Colburn Presents CANOPE Patent Award

For her inventiveness and ingenuity – particularly as it relates to the singularity and novelty of her solution – Audrey Larson was presented the Patent Award by Cantor Colburn LLP. This award is presented to the inventor whose invention is deemed to represent a sizable chance at successfully achieving a patent due to its ingenuity and singularity. Patents are the way that each of you can protect your invention and set up a pathway towards commercialization and monetization. Cantor Colburn, one of the nation’s largest intellectual property law firms, will provide Audrey with pro bono legal counsel for patenting her invention. For more on Cantor Colburn and its good works, please visit


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