CA Technologies Presents #ISeeHerInvent Award to Allergy Menu

June 19, 2017


“Does this have peanuts in it?” The answer to this question is an imperative one for Abby DiCarlo’s cousin, who suffers from a peanut allergy.

It’s a question a lot of people with a lot of different allergies have to ask wait staff and restaurant workers whenever they eat out – and in some cases, the answer to the question could mean life or death.

What if the waiter/waitress was wrong? What if they thought I was asking about a different item on the menu? Did they hear the question properly?

Can you imagine the apprehension severe-allergy sufferers go through while eating out? Fourth grade Abby DiCarlo could – so much so that she decided to do something about it.

Introducing the Allergy Menu

Abby’s invention is a Food App that scans people’s menus before eating – so they can get the whole story on what’s in their food, and take the anxiety out of eating out. The Allergy Menu also takes off a lot of pressure from restaurants, who no longer have to stress as deeply over patron allergies.

Check out Abby as she pitches her Allergy Menu in advance of the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo!

CA Technologies Awards #ISeeHerInvent Award

CA Technologies, a globally recognized software company and earnest supporter of youth invention and innovation, awarded Abby for her creativity, determination, and compassion with the #ISeeHerInvent Award, which is presented to the female inventor who outstandingly stands as a role-model to all future and aspiring female innovators, creators, doers, and dreamers. More on CA Technologies in the community, and its commitment to Women in STEM, can be found at


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