BD Awards Health and Medical Technology Award to QR Tattoo Allergy ID

June 14, 2017

Could a Temporary Tattoo Relieve an Often-Permanent Condition?

For most, allergies are an inconvenience – a case of the sniffles during spring or mild discomfort when ingesting a certain kind of food. But for some, allergies are a serious condition necessitating a great degree of care, like Logan Jones, a fifth grader from Trumbull, Connecticut.

Logan has several food allergies and has to wear a bracelet at all times to identify them in case of a medical emergency.

Unfortunately, like any fifth grader, Logan had a challenge with occasionally misplacing his informational medical bracelet. Worse yet, during sports competitions, organization bylaws required him to remove the bracelet during games, which led to it being misplaced with even greater frequency. It also leaves him vulnerable because, without the bracelet, his allergies would not be identified.

After misplacing his medical bracelet a third time, Logan decided there had to be a better way; after all, across the world, countless individuals are required to wear medical bracelets designating their allergies. Logan’s research led him to realize that, in fact, there are a variety of conditions necessitating the wearing of medically informational bands, bracelets and necklaces, and in each case, the wearer bears the inconvenience of being responsible for wearing the article at all times. Forgetting or misplacing them could be life threatening.

Tired of losing his own medical bracelet, and inspired by the stories of others with the same challenge, Logan decided to do something about it.

Introducing The QR Tattoo Allergy ID

Logan invented a QR-driven allergy database.  Users apply temporary tattoos to assign QR codes that correspond to their allergies and/or medical conditions,  eliminating the need to wear a medical bracelet or other designating article at all times.

The QR Tattoo has particular applications for travel, sports or other situations in which wearing a bracelet or necklace might be unwieldy or inconvenient.

In his elevator pitch, Logan describes the QR Tattoo Allergy ID and its various applications!

For his commitment to improving the lives of others, his inventiveness and his entrepreneurialism, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company ) awarded Logan the Health and Medical Technology award at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo. Each year, the Health and Medical Technology award is presented to the inventor with the most innovative invention related to the fields of health and medicine. To learn more about BD and its commitment to advancing the world of health, visit

NOTE: Some readers will note that there are two separate Health and Medical Technology awards; due to the incredible number of worthy medical inventions, BD awarded two separate inventions – the QR Allergy ID and “Arianne” Red Dye Detector Device – the Health and Medical Technology award. Be sure to read about both!


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