Battling the Scourge of Car Sickness with Happy Ride!

August 22, 2018

If you’ve ever suffered from motion sickness while riding in a car – or even if you’ve just been around someone who has – then you know it’s one of the most miserable experiences you can have.  Worst of all, there’s not really a great solution for it, short of getting out of the car – which can be impractical at best, and impossible in most cases.  You can’t exactly have a passenger walk home from the side of the Interstate.

Often the best “medicine” for car sickness is fresh air, but rolling a window down at freeway speeds is, at best, annoying to the rest of the passengers in the car.

Doing something about it

Olivia Cohn, a 4thgrader from Westport, Connecticut has herself suffered from car sickness.  And like anyone would, she didn’t like it one bit. So, she put her mind to the problem and invented the Happy Ride!

The Happy Ride! is designed to bring the “open window” experience to a passenger who is turning green, without blasting the whole car with outside air (and making the whole car suffer from the noise of an open window). Olivia’s invention brings a “personal fresh air” supply into the car without opening a window.  After several prototypes with scoops and similar approaches, she settled on using a NACA duct as the best solution for moving a large quantity of air with minimal noise and disturbance  (which makes sense, since that’s exactly what NACA ducts were designed to do on airplanes when they were first developed).

Olivia encased the NACA duct with Plexiglas so that the window could be otherwise “closed” and then designed tubing to bring the fresh air to the carsick individual, including a filtration system and even a way to add essential oils to make the experience more pleasant.  In the end, car sick passengers get the freshest, best-smelling air in the car!

CA Technologies presents the #ISeeHerInvent Award

CA Technologies, a globally recognized software company and earnest supporter of youth invention and innovation, awarded Olivia for her creativity, determination, and compassion with the #ISeeHerInvent Award, which is presented to the female inventor who outstandingly acts as a role-model to all future and aspiring female innovators, creators, doers, and dreamers. More on CA Technologies in the community, and its commitment to Women in STEM, can be found here.



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