Arrow Presents Innovation in Electronics Award to A-Watch for Allergies

June 16, 2017

Watch Out, Allergies! (There’s “A” New App in Town)

In many cases, food allergies are just an inconvenience. But for some, like nine-year-old Gary Leschinsky, food allergies are a serious medical condition; especially when sufferers aren’t aware of their condition in advance of an allergic reaction. After experiencing a severe allergic reaction early in life that was misidentified, Gary decided to look further into the state of food allergies in the United States, and the products that exist to help in early detection of allergic reactions.

Did you know that six million American children in the United States have food allergies? Or that every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone that the emergency room? We sure didn’t – at least not until Gary Leschinsky described the haunting circumstances of food allergies in the United States. He furthered this worrisome state of affairs, describing that food allergies are increasing in prevalence in both children and adults, and that annually, food allergies represent a $25 Billion burden on the United States economy alone.

Yet, despite this state of affairs, to Gary’s surprise, he found that nothing exists for the purposes of early detection, notification, and management of food allergies.

So Gary decided to do something about it.

Introducing the A-Watch for Allergies

The A-Watch for Allergies is a device predicated on the chemical reaction inherent to any allergic reaction. Gary explains that when the body eats a food to which it is allergic, the body releases a chemical called histamine. The A-Watch has sensors designed to detect this chemical release, and notify the wearer that he/she is experiencing an allergic reaction.

Though Gary has yet to have a working prototype, he does have a detailed mock-up of the electrical units and processes configured into the device.

Watch here as Gary presents his invention, and describes its inner-workings!

For his innovation and creativity with electrical components, Arrow Electronics, an internationally recognized name in electronic components and computer products, awarded Gary the Innovation in Electronics award at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in DC. Each year, the Innovation in Electronics award is presented to the inventor with the most innovative application of electronic concepts, designs, and components in their invention. For more information on Arrow Electronics and its commitment to STEM Education and the community it serves, please visit


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