Adobe Presents Art and Creativity Award to STORIBOT

June 21, 2017

How One Second-Grader Is Using Creative STORI-telling to Teach His Peers to Code

For most second-graders, a successful day involves getting to school on time and not being picked last for the dodgeball team. For Kedar, a young inventor from Nazareth Pennsylvania, it involves 3D printing, coding, inventing, pitching, and teaching his friends – particularly those with visual impairments – how to code (and have fun while doing it).

Kedar was first struck by inspiration for STORIBOT – a 3D printed board game that teaches youth to code – when his Wii privileges were temporarily suspended. Earnest to produce his own means of entertainment, Kedar decided he would create his own game – one that showed the world how fun (and simple) it can be to learn how to code. What’s more, he wanted it to be a game his blind friends could enjoy as well.

Cue STORIBOT – the ultimate solution to engaging coding education with accessibility in mind.

Introducing STORIBOT

Kedar’s STORIBOT uses a steel frame, magnets, and elevated stickers to bring to life his idea, providing a unique and compelling means of young students – including those with visual impairment – of learning the fundamental “building blocks” of coding. Listen here as Super Code Man introduces his Super Cool invention!

Kedar In The News

Kedar’s enthusiasm, inventiveness, and compassion for his friends earned has earned him quite a bit of national recognition – just see here as he describes the STORIBOT to the team at WUSA9!

Adobe Presents Art and Creativity Award

Adobe, a household name in digital creativity software, awarded Kedar for his creativity, innovation, and compassion with the Art and Creativity award at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo, which is presented annually to the student inventor with the most creative and/or artistic invention. More on Adobe and its commitment to creativity, community, and education can be found at


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