2018 NICEE and the Independent Inventor

2018 NICEE and the Independent Inventor

The STEMIE Coalition’s National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship (NICEE) event is an annual celebration of K-12 inventors and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. and around the world.  NICEE 2018 is presented by United Technologies Corporation.  NICEE provides an online vehicle for youth inventors and entrepreneurs grades K-2 and an in-person opportunity for grades 3-12 to display their critical thinking skills through inventing, innovating, and entrepreneurial activities.

Each year, student “winners” from affiliate member youth invention and entrepreneurship competitions across the U.S. are invited to attend NICEE. The event acts as a U.S. national “finals” competition of local, regional, state and sectional invention competitions across the U.S. “Feeder” events will not only include invention conventions and entrepreneurship competitions across the U.S., but also science fair and engineering competitions wherein projects meet the submission requirements of the NICEE event.  In areas where no affiliate program exists, students are welcome to submit an application as part of STEMIE’s Independent Inventor Program to be considered for inclusion in the National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo.

NOTE: Students residing in a territory covered by an existing STEMIE Affiliate, must participate through that affiliate program. Check to see if there is an affiliate near you.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students and teams (of up to 4 students) grades K-12 who cannot participate in an existing state invention convention program for one of the following reasons:

  • Students who are not eligible to participate in their regional or state program as a result of their school or district not participating
  • Students without a state or regional event, including home-schooled students
  • Students whose grade is not currently included in their state or regional program
  • Students residing too far from their state or regional program’s convention to participate (as defined by the local affiliate)

Note: This is NOT a second-chance competition for those who entered and did not win their state competition.

What does it cost to apply?

There is a $50 application fee to apply to compete for a spot at NICEE as an Independent Inventor.  For teams, only one $50 application fee applies.

What’s involved in applying?

Applying for an opportunity to be selected to attend NICEE involves:

  • A K-12 student (or team), through the invention process, has developed an invention.
  • The student/team has kept a journal or logbook documenting their invention story that is in compliance with STEMIE’s Inventor Logbook Policy.
  • The student/team has created a prototype of the invention and supporting documentation/presentation materials, following the guidelines outlined in STEMIE’s Inventor Logbook.
  • The student/team has created a 4 minute, unedited video following STEMIE’s Video Pitch Guidelines.
  • The student will upload 2 images:
    • One of the student(s), from the shoulders up
    • One image of their prototype
  • Student’s parent/guardian will complete an online application.
  • A $50, non-refundable application fee will be assessed as part of the completed application.


  1. Completing an application does NOT guarantee a student/team will be selected to advance to NICEE.
  2. Application fees are non-refundable, even if a student/team is deemed ineligible to participate.

How do you apply?

To apply to be considered for NICEE, complete an online application here: APPLY

2018 NICEE Rules

Information helpful for completing your online registration.

What happens after you apply?

Upon completion of your application within the program window (Feb 1 – April 15):

  • Entries will be reviewed for eligibility on a rolling basis during the application program window.
  • Entries will be evaluated based on the same criteria as is used at NICEE; see NICEE Competition Rules for details.
  • Finalists will be notified of their application status on or before April 30, with students advancing to the National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo receiving an “Official” invitation.

For students/teams selected to advance to nationals:

  • Students/teams selected to advance to the 2018 National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo – Congratulations!!!
  • If selected you will receive an “Official” 2018 NICEE Invitation via email.  Additionally, students/teams selected to advance will be posted on this page of the STEMIE website on or before April 30.
  • Students/teams selected to advance to NICEE will have 10 days from the date of your “Official” 2018 NICEE Invitation to confirm that you are plan to attend, in writing to nicee@stemie.org.

Note: Students/teams who have not responded to their invitation within the 10 day period will be considered ineligible and STEMIE will select and advance the next student/team on the list based their score.


Do you have questions about the Independent Inventor NICEE application process? Write to: nicee@stemie.org. 


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