The Complete NICEE 2016 Award Winners List

May 24, 2016

The NICEE 2016 Results Are In

Congratulations to all award winners, participants, supporters, sponsors and other well-wishers!

All attendees at the first annual National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) this past weekend left as winners. Beginning below is the complete list of those that won awards at the event.

Invention Awards


First Place Help Me In Liana Sargsyan Grade 3 Brunswick, OH
Second Place Baby No Throw Ava Stake Grade 2 Delaware, OH
Third Place Commu-Tech Gloves Charlotte Middleton, Sophia Nuciforo Grade 3 Chicago, IL

Grade 4

First Place Hands-Free Umbrella Natalie Correa Grade 4 Chicago, IL
Second Place Mow Safe Corrine Pixton Grade 4 Boise, ID
Third Place Pillow Prop-er Victoria Quiroga Grade 4 Chicago, IL

Grade 5

First Place The Succulent Solution Riley Davis, Jonathan Fairgrieves Grade 5 Smyrna, GA
Second Place The Dirt Shield Joslynne Beneke Grade 5 West Alexandria, OH
Third Place EZ Security Bar Lifter Keerthana Balakrishnan Grade 5 Cedar Rapids, IA


Grade 6

First Place Nursing Dog Blanket Aubree Schrubb Grade 6 Piqua, OH
Second Place E-Z Paste Varun Miriyala Grade 6 Gahanna, OH
Third Place Posture Protector Maya Gipson, Abigail Hopper Grade 6 Lebanon, TN


Grade 7-8

First Place Magneto Charger Abhinav Kumar Grade 7-8 Rye, N.Y.
Second Place Banking for the Blind Katie Schuetzow Grade 7-8 Brunswick, OH
Third Place CO2E Arya Bairat Grade 7-8 Milford, CT


Grades 9-12

First Place Listen4Me Eli Mathieu Grade 9 Colchester, CT
Second Place WedgeTech Everett Apple, Clare Crose Grade 10 Woodstock, GA
Third Place Noise-X Jack Bugbee, Harry Cain, Michael Kim Grade 10 Marietta, GA

Industry Focus Awards

Agricultural Test 36 Gum Hannah Zink Grade 8 Farmington, CT
Consumer Goods and Fashion Dr. Happy Tie Robert Testa Grade 4 Wolcott, CT
Education iComposer Sawyer Baran Grade 8 Lebanon, CT
Energy – Sponsored by
United Technologies Corp.
Receipt Card Carson Kinder Grade 4 Germantown, OH
Financial Banking for the Blind Kate Schuetzow Grade 7 Brunswick, OH
Government, Sponsored by Washington Homeland Security Roundtable Mow Safe Corinne Pixton Grade 4 Boise, ID
Healthcare Brace Blaster Arielle Greer Grade 4 Moore, SC
Home Technology – Sponsored by Washington Homeland Security Roundtable Insta-Rack Gabriella Margolies Grade 5 Trumbull, CT
Household Organizations & Tools – Sponsored by Stanley Black & Decker The Measuring Shovel Maddox Prichard Grade 4 Gallatin, TN
Manufacturing/Transportation Hover-Cart Grace Cornett Grade 5 Baltimore, OH
Pets and Animal Care The Bassett Bowl Ashton Rader Grade 5 Enfield, CT
Sports/Games/Toys Cleat Coverz Evan Farrell Grade 6 Terrace Park, OH
Technology/Wearables – Sponsored by Washington Homeland Security Roundtable Life Glass Grayson Campbell and Walker Burdine Grade 6 Lebanon, TN

Invention Process Awards

Best Pitch – Sponsored by TestMyPitch Rae’s PJs Rachel Lyn Farfsing Grade 4 Cincinnati, OH
Best Prototype Lazy Bones Maggie Young Grade 3 Plainfield, CT
Best Poster Porta-Potty Survival Kit Joshua McKenna Grade 6 Rathdrum, ID
Best Logbook Tape Tags Natalie Lindstrom Grade 7 Oakville, CT

Global Change Awards

Accessibility – Sponsored by Microsoft Listen4Me Eli Mathieu Grade 9 Colchester, CT
Community/Societal Benefit – Sponsored by Lemelson Foundation The Leaning Pod Evelyn Hollis Grade 5 Meridian, ID
Green/Environmental Hawksbill Hatchling Helper Zachary Linford Grade 3 Coeur d’Alene, ID
Jules Verne Tornado Catcher Pragath Durga Rajarajan Grade 6 Boise, ID

Best-of-Show Awards

Best Design and Engineering – Sponsored by IDEAZ Convert-A-Stairs Madison Estep, Allison Remick Grade 6 Grove City, OH
Staff’s Choice – Invention – Sponsored by The STEMIE Coalition Touch-Aid Isaiah Nagrant Grade 4 Brunswick, OH
Most Patentable Invention – Sponsored by Cantor Colburn C02E Arya Bairat Grade 8 Milford, CT
Most Marketable Invention – Sponsored by Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Message Mask Lucca Riccio Grade 8 Southington, CT

Entrepreneurship Awards

These awards will launch at NICEE 2017, June 1-3, 2017.

About these awards

In 2016, the focus was on launching the first half of the NICEE — that around invention education. This was because The STEMIE Coalition’s first year focus was largely on rolling up existing invention education programs across the U.S., and beginning discussions with entrepreneurship programs about how to work with them to create a similar national presence for youth entrepreneurship. As such the awards focus on invention topics this first year.

As a result, the outcomes rewarded are more process oriented and less market-facing. Invention education is all about teaching kids the process of creating an invention and therefore the placement of an invention in an award is more an indication of the student’s mastery of the invention process in that award’s focus, than an indication of overall marketability.  Indeed, to a first grader, a new invention that allows the child to turn a light off at night wirelessly might be new and novel to that child, but not to the world around him/her.  Determining if an invention already exists is indeed part of the invention process, but not a fatal one given the resources of some of these kids to ascertain market uniqueness.

More detail on each of the awards follows:

  • Place Awards – First, Second and Third place awards are given by grade. Some grades are combined to normalize by number of entries and may change in later years.  For invention education, the bulk of the awards come in grades 4-6; in entrepreneurship education, the bulk of the awards are in 9-12.
  • Industry Focus Awards – These awards recognize excellence in invention in specific fields. One award is given in each category.  Students self-select into each category.
  • Invention Process Awards – These awards are given to the single invention in the competition that best represents specific portions of the invention process.  A solid invention process has an inventorwho logs all of his thoughts, design, engineering iterations, market research and the like (Best Logbook), builds a prototype that represent and communicates the core of the invention (Best Prototype), has an ability to communicate one’s invention (Best Poster), and to verbally express the essence of the invention (Best Pitch).
  • Global Change Awards – These awards recognize those inventors who stand to make major change in the world with their inventions. Whether in the area of helping save our environment, make our world more accessible, helping advance society and community at large, or helping us envision a future where humankind’s knowledge and technology has advanced to the level where an invention is possible which can dramatically impact human existance (Jules Verne Award).
  • Best-of-Show Awards – Invention – These awards in invention recognize the best awards at NICEE.  They are the Best-of-Show awards for design, patentability, and marketability. The Design and Engineering Award is awarded to that product which not only is engineered well, but also looks great — and can be envisioned to epitomize the balance of design and engineering in invention.  The Most Patentable Invention recognizes the most promising invention which also has the best and broadest possibility of being fully patented, given the expected prior art in the market and the nature of the invention itself.  The Most Marketable Invention — considered the grand prize of the competition — is that product which has the best chance of near-term commercialization and of having a major impact on the world in which we live. It is the product we would most like to see in the market as quickly as possible.  The Staff’s Choice Award is given to that invention which for some reason — at the discretion of the staff — best represents the ideals of the invention education process and the goals of The STEMIE Coalition.  This award is given to that inventor who best mastered the invention process on his/her own, and presented a truly marketable product.

NICEE 2016 was made possible by the generous contributions of United Technologies, Corp., Stanley Black & Decker, Brocade Communications Systems, and The Lemelson Foundation.


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