STEMIE K-12 Invention Curriculum

Coming in December…

STEMIE’s K-12 Invention Curriculum.  It’s FREE!

The STEMIE Invention Convention Curriculum is divided into four grade ranges:  K-2; 3-5; 6-8 and 9-12.  It follows the 7 steps of the Invention Process: Identifying, Understanding, Ideating, Designing, Building, Testing, and Communicating.  The curriculum follows the P(3) methodology authored by the PAST Foundation, ensuring that every lesson is designed for transdisciplinary problem-based learning. Each lesson includes an identified Problem and Project with an end Product (3 P’s).

The STEMIE curriculum is open access, so EVERY student K-12 may have access to it.  “Open Access” means that while STEMIE does not charge for the curriculum, we do vet all the curriculum and author new pieces with curriculum experts regularly to ensure the content is aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

It is STEMIE’s belief that while not all Inventors are Entrepreneurs and not all Entrepreneurs are Inventors, these two pillars of Innovation (Inventing + Entrepreneurship) are closely aligned and are necessary skills sets in which all students should be immersed in order to create a more innovative, empathetic, and productive workforce of tomorrow.  

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