STEMIE K-12 Invention Education Professional Development Programs

STEMIE’s K-12 Invention Education Professional Development Programs

It has been our experience at The STEMIE Coalition that the most successful Invention Convention programs start off with fun, creative, and engaging professional development training for educators, giving them the tools to teach invention education to their students.

STEMIE has worked with its leading Invention Convention program affiliates, its partners, and with unaffiliated similarly minded organizations across the United States to create a range of professional development options for K-12 educators, including:

  • Live In-Person Professional Development Workshops.  These are typically one-day, 6-7 hour,  hands-on workshops that train teachers in the very concepts and process that students will go through in their own Invention Convention experience.  Teachers can get “continuing education units” (or local state equivalents) for their participation. Workshop fees may or may not apply and will vary per state and affiliate program.
    • Live In-Personal Professional Development Trainings are offered in a shorter 3 hours session and lunch hour “Lunch and Learn” Informational Session as well.
  • On-Line Self-Paced and Structured Programs.  These are online multi-session programs that take teachers through the concepts of Invention Convention and train teachers in many of the same concepts and processes as the in-person workshops, but via webinar and/or video sessions. There are typically fees and continuing education units also associated with these On-line programs.
  • Invention and/or Innovation Education Certificate Programs. These are programs that are designed to teach invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship education, with an end goal in a specific certificate that teachers can add to their resume.
  • STEMIE, in conjunction with expert trainers from leading programs such as the Connecticut Invention Convention, the California Invention Convention, Invent Washington, the New Hampshire Young Inventors Program, and the Ohio Invention League, has created baseline professional development guidelines and resources for all Affiliates, Partners, and other organizations to use to power their PD sessions, when teaching Invention Convention programming. Not all programs teach according to the The STEMIE Coalition’s Invention Convention National Curriculum, so be sure to ask if this is supported.  If your organization would like to contribute to this National Invention Convention professional development discussion, please contact us at


If you are interested in learning about your professional development opportunities, please see the listing below of programs and their training sessions for the 2017-2018 school year.  NOTE: PD sessions are being added constantly, so be sure to check back for information on the latest opportunities for learning how to teach Invention Convention to your kids.


If you are interested in hosting professional development programs for teachers in your area, feel free to contact one of the programs below, or discuss your options with one of STEMIE’s Affiliate Outreach managers (

Current Professional Development Programs

2017-2018 STEMIE Affiliate Professional Development Training Schedule by State

State Program Format Location Date
California California Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Santa Cruz Sep. 23, 2017
  California Invention Convention Online Not Applicable Nov. 4, 2017
  California Invention Convention 1/2 Day Santa Cruz Nov. 24, 2017
Connecticut Connecticut Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Berlin Sep. 30, 2017
  Connecticut Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Ridgefield Oct. 19, 2017
  Connecticut Invention Convention One-Day Workshop New Haven Oct. 26, 2017
  Connecticut Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Winsted Nov. 4, 2017
  Connecticut Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Middletown Dec. 2, 2017
  Connecticut Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Wallingford Jan. 11, 2018
Florida Florida Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Tampa Nov. 20, 2017
Florida Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Largo Dec. 14, 2017
Illinois Chicago Invention Convention 1/2 Day Chicago Nov. 13, 2017
  Chicago Invention Convention 1/2 Day Chicago Nov. 14, 2017
Iowa Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship STEM Innovator Online Training Online Jan. 2018
Ohio Ohio Invention League One-Day Workshop Columbus Dec. 5, 2017
Northern New England (NH, MA, ME, VT)
Young Inventors Program 7-week Course (offered 4 times per school year)
Online Oct. 4, 2017
  Young Inventors Program 7-week Course (offered 4 times per school year)
Online Feb. 7, 2018
Washington State Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Renton Aug. 7, 2017
  Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Renton Aug. 8, 2017
  Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Renton Aug. 9, 2017
  Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Renton Aug. 10, 2017
  Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Spokane Sep. 23, 2017
  Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Naches Nov. 4, 2017
  Invent Washington One-Day Workshop Tacoma Dec. 2, 2017
Mexico Innovation and Experience One-Day Workshop Monterrey Dec. 6, 2017
Innovation and Experience One-Day Workshop Guadalajara Dec. 8, 2017
Pakistan Invention Convention One-Day Workshop Online Nov. 20, 2017

Ongoing Online Professional Development and Certificate Programs

  • Teacher Training Invention New England:  Invention New England is a partnership initiative between the educational technology and digital learning offices of the Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont Departments of Education in collaboration with the Academy of Applied Science’s Young Inventor’s Program. Its mission is to offer online professional development opportunities for teachers (anywhere in the world, not just New England) that focus on the strategies and pedagogy involved in the instruction of a K-8 Project-based Learning through an Invention instructional model that emphasizes hands-on problem-solving and STEAM 21st Century Skills. Participating educators will learn how to implement an Invention Convention event and how to access Young Inventors’ Program Kits (YIP Kits) that enable them to bring this program to their schools. Successful completion of the 7 week, asynchronous, online course will earn 35 professional development hours. Optional graduate credit can also be earned with additional requirements. Info about the course registration can be found at
  • STEM Innovator / Biz Innovator The University of Iowa’s STEM and Biz Innovator professional development program equip educators with the tools needed to partner with business and industry.These programs are designed to complement STEM and other K-12 pedagogy to prepare teachers to have their students work in teams employing an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking to solve authentic, community-driven, real-world problems.  With STEM Innovator in particular, students identify a problem of interest, verify and validate the problem through customer discovery, and establish and implement a solution.  STEM Innovator students gain the skills needed to thrive in a 21st Century global economy.  Upon successful completion, teachers will become University of Iowa STEM Innovator Instructors, allowing STEM, Business and Marketing teachers the opportunity to offer University of Iowa College Credits to high school students which can be ported to many state universities around the nation.

Custom On-Site PD Training Programs for Districts, Statewide, and Country Programs

The STEMIE Coalition has partnered with the Connecticut Invention Convention as its Preferred PD Provider to offer on-demand on-site PD workshops for teachers at the request of school districts, states or countries, to teach up to 50 teachers at a time in Invention Convention curriculum concepts, using the National Invention Convention curriculum and process model.  Trained experts in Invention Convention professional development will come to your site and offer one or more days of 7 hour hands-on professional development training.  Sessions must be reserved in advance, and there is a fee for the session, plus travel expenses, to the organizer. Connecticut trainers have taught thousands of teachers from Connecticut to Florida to California to Washington State — they can train your teachers too.  These sessions are particularly appropriate for new STEMIE Affiliates and large school districts who want to coordinate PD training with their launch of Invention Convention curriculum in their area.  For more info, see this brochure, or reach out to Susan Mostowy at the Connecticut Invention Convention (



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