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IP Industry Travel Sponsorship Program

IP Industry Travel Sponsorship Program

The National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) provides an unprecedented opportunity for young inventors to be acknowledged and rewarded for their innovative thinking, and provides the necessary springboard for small, burgeoning Invention and Entrepreneurship programs across the US to expand to encompass surrounding schools.

Unfortunately, most of these programs cannot afford to send their student winners, as they are sparsely funded themselves. A significant percentage of these young inventor winners come from underserved homes and populations who cannot afford such trips on their own. Even for those who do not fall into the underserved category, paying for their child to fly to and stay in Washington D.C. for two days simply is not a financial priority for many U.S. households. The prospect of offering invitations to students unable to send themselves to D.C. is a prospect The STEMIE Coalition is unwilling to accept as The National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) is intended to be a reward for hard-working young inventors, and we want our invitation to reflect that.

The STEMIE Coalition is partnering with the Intellectual Property Legal Industry – which includes the nation’s IP attorneys who pursue patent, trademark, copyright, and other IP legal work – to help send these kids to DC to compete. The IP Legal Industry bases itself in invention, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and is a perfect partner for The STEMIE Coalition.©2015CIC 135

“It’s not too often that our law firm is asked to help sponsor a program that is so well aligned to our corporate interests,” says Mike Cantor, founder of Cantor Colburn LLP, a top 10 IP U.S. law firm. “Helping these kids understand intellectual property concepts, and help them learn how to invent the future of America, puts us on a path that helps keep America at the forefront of ingenuity and towards feeding a robust and growing IP industry moving forward.”

The STEMIE Coalition has created the STEMIE IP Law Industry Travel Sponsorship Program to help send young inventors to attend the National Invention Convention. By participating in the program, IP firms can support and sponsor a student much in the way a pizza shop sponsors the local soccer team.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An IP firm agrees to sponsor a child and their chaperon for an annual $2500 fee.
  2. As the state affiliates conclude their programs and award invitations to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo, students are paired with their IP legal sponsors so each firm can publicize its student’s participation in The NICEE.
  3. The IP firm can choose to engage as much or as little as it wishes, including providing feedback on the child’s invention, mentoring on the “pitch”, advice on IP, and otherwise providing support for “their” young inventor.
  4. Many IP firms choose to designate a portion of their website to promote their participation in this program, including a story on their student’s experience at NICEE.

Interested in sponsoring a child? Click here!

“It’s not too often that our law firm is asked to help sponsor a program that is so well aligned to our corporate interests. We owe it to our indsutry to help these student inventors learn about IP and discover how to invent their own future.” – Mike Cantor, Founder, Cantor Coburn LLP



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