Affiliated Programs Network

Affiliated Programs Network


The STEMIE Coalition Affiliate Network spans the U.S., focusing on established full-scale programs (dark blue), emerging programs (light blue) and states without programs (white).

The STEMIE Coalition is, first and foremost, a coalition. The American Invention and Entrepreneurship Education landscape is siloed. Our stated goal is to bring together the efforts of many and varied entrepreneurship and invention programs, that the result might be grander and more effectual than simply the sum of their wholes. Members of our coalition share best practices, collaborate on events, share resources, and contribute to an energetic and thriving community. In its first year, the STEMIE Coalition has assembled invention convention programs from around the nation to participate in its first ever National Invention Convention. Existing members include:

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OUR GOAL: Programs in all 50 states plus D.C. within five years, and over 10 million kid inventors/entrepreneurs trained each year.


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